Don’t just take our word for it… Here’s what parents and educators have to say about us…

“We like keeping the kids on track with their math school work and joining the Math Monkey summer program will make it so much easier for us, when school starts back in the Fall. We have been going to Math Monkey for 4 years now and will continue each summer. The team at the center can analyze where my kids are, level-wise, in Mathematics after a short quiz and can then tell us exactly what they need to work on in order to be ready for the upcoming year.

I have one child that really excels in math and one that doesn’t like it, but the curriculum combined with the teacher’s approach always allows for both to learn what they need to and even enjoy it! My kids love coming back to Math Monkey!

The program is especially beneficial at teaching my children multiple ways to solve math problems that are not taught at school. My kids like to learn about number patterns as well as the logic and reasoning behind it instead of route memorization.

Thank you for making learning Math a positive experience”

— Mrs. A. Diaz



Dear Mrs. H:

Thank you for your assessment of Savannah’s progress.  We must confess we are delighted with how well she has taken to your instruction.  It does show.  In her schoolwork.  In her homework.  In her attitude toward mathematics and arithmetic in general.  Specifically, it shows in her enthusiasm for doing the computations.  We are very pleased in every way.  So we are therefore most grateful as well.

As to follow on work, we intend that Savannah is a longtime student of your excellent instruction.  Thank you again for being there and being so devoted to the process of children learning early and well what arithmetic and mathematics are all about.  It truly matters!

Kindest Regards,

Tonya & John Sprowl


October 22, 2012

Dear Mrs. H and Math Monkey,

I am writing to thank you for all that you’ve done to help my daughter, Kate, with her foundational math skills. Being a Special Education Teacher myself, I had heard of the Vedic method but had never seen it in action. I knew after the first tutoring session with Ms. H that we had made the right decision to enroll Kate in your program.

We were so pleased when she came home after the first session excited about what she had learned! She quickly began to see the pattern in numbers and her fear of math started to fade. As she gained a new strategy by working with Ms. H, she was able to generalize the skill into her math classroom. Her confidence returned as she began see success. Kate had been going through the RTI (Response to Intervention) process for math, and we were able to discontinue it her 8th grade year because she was making such good progress.

We were so proud when Kate earned the Math Award at South Forsyth Middle School her 8th grade year. Kate would be the first to tell you that she owes much of her success to the strategies that she learned with Ms. H and Math Monkey. The fear is gone. As Kate enters her freshman year at Lambert High, she is confident in her ability and actually enjoys math. I’m happy to say she still uses the strategies she learned from Math Monkey!

Thank you again for your time and talent. We definitely recommend Math Monkey to anyone who struggles with math skills!


Melanie Brewer

PS- I have actually utilized several of your strategies with my special education students at my elementary school. They love it! Thank you again, Ms. H!


Sarah’s confidence level has soared and her ability to quickly grasp new concepts has grown. She no longer dreads math homework and meets new challenges with a positive “I can figure it out!” mentality. This is very different from the little girl who was quickly brought to tears anytime she didn’t immediately understand a math problem. I received a call from her teacher the other night. They are considering placing Sarah in the advanced math class. Thank you so much for giving our little girl the self assurance to know that math is not a scary thing to be anxious about. I believe she has learned so much more than math concepts at Math Monkey.  She has learned that she can conquer her fears!

I can’t say enough about how strongly I believe in what you are doing with this program!”  – Susan

I’m a public school teacher, and I’m thrilled with the way that the classes you offer supplement what my twin daughters are learning in school. They love going to class, and I can tell that what they are learning at Math Monkey really helps them with the “mental” aspect of math. They feel proud when they solve more difficult problems without a calculator in sight—and they’re just in second grade!

I appreciate the enthusiasm that the instructors bring to class. I feel confident that the added bonus that they are getting from their Math Monkey classes will not only make them more educated in math, but will also serve to maintain their interest and motivation for high achievement in math.”

– Suzy (Teacher of the Year Forsyth county 2010)

“We are very pleased to see a big improvement in Isabel’s attitude about Math as well as improved grades at school in Math and other subjects, after two months.

She now has a more positive can-do attitude to figure it out. For her recent CRCT testing, she got excellent scores on her pre-tests at home and came home everyday beaming that she had done well on the actual tests..

We are very excited to see all the improvements in her academic life that have come from this new attitude.” Cheers, Marie.

“Our daughter struggled with math as a new 3rdgrade student in private school last year.

What a tremendous difference we have seen!  …our daughter’s confidence about math sky-rocketed, as well as her enthusiasm.  After 2 months, she began making As’ on her tests.  We were so thrilled with her progress; we enrolled our son (who excels in math) for further enrichment.  He has advanced far beyond his classmates and performs difficult math functions with ease. We will continue with the program indefinitely, as math skills are not only necessary, but vital in the technologically-advanced world today.  I whole-heartedly recommend Math Monkey to any parents seeking to equip their child with superb math abilities.” – Elizabeth

Both Ian and Zoe have attended Math Monkey during the past year. Raj’s infectious personality had them so excited to start classes, and now my children love to come to class. Unlike regular school where they enjoy the social aspect more than the learning, with Math Monkey it is about achieving / mastering a math skill that they haven’t even discussed at school. They have gained self-confidence and pride that goes way beyond math.”

– Kellie Risser

Math Monkey has taken a little girl whose struggles with learning math were leading to low overall confidence and transformed her into someone whose favorite subject is math and isn’t afraid to participate in class to show it. Enrolling with Math Monkey continues to be one of the best decisions we’ve made.” – Bryan Gould

Math Monkey is so much fun! I can see where gifted students would sail through concepts and move on to higher level thinking… I would recommend it to families who want their students to grow in confidence.”

– Ellen Broyles, Former Gifted Coordinator for Dublin City Schools

My daughter LOVES Math Monkey. She has never liked math and was struggling with her multiplication timed tests in school. Now, she gets so excited to go to Math Monkey. Her school teacher said that it has given her so much more confidence in math.” – Melissa Mitchell

My children had so much fun that when we had to leave the pool to go to Math Monkey, they didn’t mind at all. That says it all in my book! They love Math Monkey! Both my children have really changed their attitude about math.” –AJ Campbell

Math Monkey has been fantastic for my children. They both look forward to their classes and are always happy to attend… They really love it!” – Steve Locker

I enrolled Rachel in Math Monkey 2 years ago because she was not being challenged in math at school. It really helped her confidence and higher level thinking. In Spring last year, she tested into the SOAR math program, and scored a 99% on the Math Terra Nova Achievement test. I believe that her classes at Math Monkey helped her to prepare for theses standardized tests and helped her to achieve a higher level of success at school.” – Kim Peroni

It’s wonderful to see students excited about math and interested in learning more. Your lesson was challenging, engaging, and fun! Not only did my students learn something, I learned a few things that will help me be a better teacher in the future. Thanks again, you are a wonderful partner to schools and teachers!

–Melany Ondrus, Gifted Specialist, Olentabgy Schools