Our Mission

Our Mission is to equip kids with skills that will help them to succeed in life.

We firmly believe that the great thinkers and doers of tomorrow will require a strong foundation in logic, reasoning and problem solving. The best way we know how to do that is through the wonder of mathematics. Once we empower kids with these skills, we can develop their confidence so they can persevere in the face of adversity. Finally, we hope to ignite their passion. Then the sky is the limit for what they can achieve!

Math Monkey Benefits:

Children are natural mathematicians as they begin to explore the world around them. But boredom and frustration during the school years can quickly zap their interest and confidence.

  • Develop thinking skills that traditional methods and worksheets ignore will cause your child to leap to the head of the class.
  • Soaring confidence as she learns to calculate the right answer faster and easier immediately turns math into a fun game—instead of a chore.
  • Solving problems with lightning speed so she can complete more questions and score higher on classroom and standardized tests.
  • Banishing the mental block of “I’m not good at math” as he learns to add, subtract, multiply and divide—from double digits on up—in his head with laser-like accuracy… and becomes the envy of his classmates!
  • Igniting a passion for math that will give your child an academic edge right through to graduation, help them get into the college of their dreams and open the door to nearly any career they could want.

We proud to be a Partner In Education with Forsyth County Schools, and give back to our community.