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This article was written by Mrs. H. and published in an English Vedic Math newsletter in January 2013:

My own experience with Vedic Math

Let me start by saying I have seen the great power of learning and teaching Vedic Math to kids and adults in the last 5 years. Take me for example: Math was not my thing. When graduating high school, I remember my friends asking: “What career are you going to pursue?” I had clearly stated, “I’m not sure, but I would certainly not be a teacher, definitely not a Math Teacher”. So, I chose the path of accounting and graphic design.

My high school Math teacher was strict and used to say, “You are either good or not good in Mathematics” (and I believed him), but boy I know now, he was so wrong! Even as a 3rd grader, I found learning my multiplication tables hard and boring. My mom even got me a private tutor. I thought something was wrong with me; I couldn’t memorize all my facts. Today I know I can use “Nikhilam Multiplication” to solve it with ease and check my work (which I was not able to do before).

Well, 20 years have passed, and my husband and I decided to open a business.  He heard about a special Math center for kids, where kids were running to a math class and they left happy and smiling! He told me “That’s interesting; I need to look into it.”  Even to him it sounded odd, how can it be fun? So we opened our own Math Monkey center in the Atlanta area. Nothing could have prepared us for this phenomenon. I was not much involved in the beginning, but got curious to re-learn math in an easy way.

Math Monkey’s curriculum adviser was, nevertheless, our dear Mr. Kenneth Williams. I remember taking live sessions conducted by Mr. Williams; I enjoyed it so much and most times, when my husband and I exercised the topics, I got the answers first and it shocked me!  Before this, he was a much better math student than I was, and I quickly realized the system is visual and easy to learn. I basically fell in love with Math one day, without noticing…

Today, I am running the center and teaching classes, and I love my job. Vedic math has changed my life and my students’ lives. Parents tell us similar stories about their kids: growing confidence, positive attitude, grades improve, curiosity for learning, and almost immediate change in speed and accuracy. Some kids even come up with creative ways to solve things. The fear of math is GONE and if they are already advanced students, they are able to stay the top of their class.  When parents sign up for our program we tell them, “There is only one risk you are taking here: Your child will get smarter than their teacher….” We always get wide SMILES!

Whenever we go to events, we share the love and ease of Mathematics the Vedic way. For me, it’s important to show people there is a better way; the system is more fun than traditional ways. We often hear: “I wish I had known that when I was at school!” My answer is always: “I wish I knew it too!”

People find it interesting and 95% of the time, ask us to show them more, even if they admit they hate math. The beauty is: Vedic Math is the best mental method and anyone (smart or not) can learn it!

We are never too old to learn; knowledge is the most powerful thing in the world!

Hagit Genosar – Chief Monkey

Math Monkey of Suwanee USA.

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