At Math Monkey of Suwanee we want our students to think rather than just memorize. Now offering 1 on 1 classes with Mrs H, an experienced Math Monkey teacher & Vedic Math specialist, for ages 4-14. While in the program, students will learn more than one way to solve a problem. By showing students multiple ways to solve a problem their understanding of how numbers work will grow. These mental strategies will help build confidence, speed, problem solving, and reasoning skills. Math Monkey’s curriculum does not simply teach memorization. We place each student in our program based on where they ARE, rather than age or grade. This makes a great fit  for students that may have lost confidence to those that are gifted and need to be challenged.

We prefer meeting students at the Sharon Forks public library in Cumming, another local public library, or at your home. First meeting is dedicated to a placement test, to check their Mathematic knowledge & see which program your child qualifies for.

Serving; Suwanee, Cumming, Johns Creek, Alpharetta & close by areas.

Improving students skills since 2007!